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Latitude is a "cover" band whose music makes you feel happy for no defined reason. The music stirs the inner beat and rhythm that compels the listener to be positively affected by the energy produced by this popular band.

Latitude has a rich array of songs from Billboard's Top 40 Hits of past decades as well contemporary songs which are proven crowd favorites.

Its artistic singers, backed up by superb musicians, coupled with crowd interaction, assure an enjoyable musical experience worthy of the audience's time.

Latitude regularly performs in concerts, at night spots, private parties and casinos in Northern California. Among them are the Thunder Valley in Lincoln, Ca, The former “Ginger Bar” at the Newark Hilton, The Peninsula Golf and Country Club, San Mateo, The Golden Gate, South Beach and St Francis Yacht Clubs and in many Corporate and Association sponsored events.


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For bookings, please contact Frank Sityar at (415) 215 5556.


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O u r   G u i d i n g   P r i n c i p l e

"Music and rhythm find their way into
the secret places of the soul." - Plato


“I saw your band performed (sic) at Thunder Valley last Friday. You guys were great, I will definitely tell my friend Kari of entertainment to bring you guys back again. I will email her and send copies to the General Manager of the casino also. Hope to see you guys soon.”

“Congratulations! You and your band had a spectacular show last night at the Newark Hilton Hotel. Your singers were great. You, as a group, performed fluidly, with excellent timing, and without any pauses or interruptions in between songs.

The songs were modern and popular to the younger and middle age folks. Nice repertoire and the band was (sic) outstanding! Keep up the good work. Myrna and I enjoyed it very much.”

“This band (Latitude) doesn't just play the songs. They DO IT!”


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P.O. Box 5378
South San Francisco, CA 94083


Phone: +1 415 215 5556